About Us

About us:


At Lofat Group, we have been dedicated to promoting wellness across all ages in Kuwait for over two decades. As a leader in healthy dietary solutions, our organization operates through two main sectors: retail and wholesale. Our approach includes a robust network of casual dining outlets and specialized diet centers that cater to both adults and youth.


Our Divisions:


Lofat Lifestyle: Tailoring diet plans that fit the unique lifestyles of our clients, ensuring they receive personalized and practical dietary solutions.

Lofat Juniors Diet Center: Focused on fostering healthy eating habits from an early age, this center provides customized nutritional programs for children and teenagers.

Lofat Coops: Our wholesale division that supplies high-quality, health-focused products to various cooperatives around Kuwait.

Lofat School-Based Nutrition Program: This initiative partners with schools to promote healthy eating habits through educational programs and nutritious school meals.

Lofat Restaurants: Offering a range of healthy dining options that don’t compromise on taste, our restaurants are perfect for family meals or quick bites.

Lofat Frozen Products: Providing convenient, ready-to-eat options that are both healthy and delicious.

At Lofat Group, we advocate a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, believing that better food choices lead to a better life. We are proud to have been a part of the Kuwaiti community’s journey towards health and wellness for over 20 years.